And The Oscar Goes To …

I have a tendency to want to catch up on all the movies receiving hype so that my Oscar-viewing pleasure is at its optimum. This year I have managed to pencil in one, that’s right, one Oscar-nominated film — ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. It is a weird name for a film but never judge a movie by its title is what I say.

Jennifer Lawrence did an outstanding job of playing a normal dysfunctional person as did her leading man Bradley Cooper. The chemistry between the two was perfect and Cooper did a fab job himself of playing crazy dysfunctional. I predict Jennifer will nab a statue for Best Actress this time around but I’m not so sure if the Academy will hand over Oscar to Bradley.

Zero Dark Thirty has an intriguing title but is that enough? I haven’t seen it yet but plan to do so very soon. Reviews are in and critics are loving it. Les Miserables looks favorable for Anne Hathaway and possibly for Hugh Jackman. I don’t know though, that Lincoln movie is also the talk of the town. Could Daniel Day-Lewis be so lucky again? Probably.

Somehow I think the Academy gets it all wrong and some years I think they’ve got it bang on. Can someone please tell me why Anna Paquin won for ‘The Piano’? Why didn’t Don Cheadle win for ‘Hotel Rwanda’ as was Ryan Gosling for his brilliant performance in ‘Half Nelson’. Is it a politics thing or is it timing — a response to the trends? Sometimes I think I have it all figured out. I say to myself, there is no way they are going to give it to so and so because they are a newcomer and they have to earn their creds. Not the case for first-time nominee Hilary Swank in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. Annette Bening was nominated over four times and has been  in the biz longer than Hilary but she wasn’t so lucky.

I didn’t catch the SAG awards last night but it is a pretty good indicator of who will be taking home what. There is still time to make an educated guess as to who will emerge triumphant on the night of the Academy Awards, by seeing these epic films on the silver screen, and just as each announcer  says “And the Academy goes to …” I’ll probably be saying, “And the Oscar should have gone to …”

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