Libraries Shut Doors

All 98 branches of the Toronto Public Library are closed until further notice due to a strike which means the many services that are dear and true to many Torontonians have been suspended.

For a lot of people, this doesn’t matter but to some who rely on public libraries to do research, this is a travesty. Students will undoubtedly suffer and those without internet access will feel the sting as libraries have computer terminals for surfing, wordprocessing and reserving books. Not to mention that there is free wi-fi for patrons.

Musicians who rent piano rooms to practice arpeggios and difficult arias, or sift through musical scores and even sign-up to use electronic piano keyboards won’t have the opportunity anymore until the problem is solved.

What a bummer. The library is a great place to just hang out with friends of the inanimate variety — to bury your thoughts and become engrossed in lives both fictional and real. I suppose the only good thing to come of the strike is that all book drops are closed. Essentially, you can hold on to all of your library material until things are resolved and not receive a fine.


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