Twilight and other trendy things

The North American premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn has come and gone but it still has me wondering what the hooplah is all about and if it is too late for me to catch up on the whirlwind trend.

I mean Bella and Edward have been a hot topic/hot item for a few years now and I did manage to see the first (albeit only) part to this multi-million dollar empire. I just want to know if it is too late for me to watch and invest my time in the Twilight sensation? It is almost like the latest technology, if you don’t have it you lose out on the whole experience and the whole aspect of being current and on top of the latest trends. And it is not just about movies it also includes books too. I have yet to pick up a copy of Eat, Pray, Love or The Help which everyone is raving about. I feel like I am so behind the times right now that I have to play catch up.  So what should I do? Should I let it pass or just bite the bullet and enjoy it like it is the latest trend and it is hot off the press? Maybe along my way to the library check out counter, I can make my own discoveries of what the next big trend might be instead of settling for one that has been analyzed and “loved to death” or “decimized” by critics and the public. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do … right after I read about how/if Bella and Edward end up together.

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