Stormy Weather

Today was a stormy rainy day that made me want to hide under the covers. I absolutely hate driving during a storm, especially when hail appears from nowhere and starts pummelling the heck out of the vehicule I happen to be in. Luckily it wasn’t golf-sized hail like weather reporters zone in on during the weather forecast. In fact, these were tiny. I wish I had my camera to snap the clouds but there are enough distractions on the road as it is and me pulling out my point-and-shoot would only make matters worse.

The so called “calm before the storm” was looming overhead quite ominously.  A black cloud over top with grey splotches against a murky yellow background. The sky looked like the result of a fight that got physical. Artists say that there is beauty in the ugliest of things but I can’t imagine reflecting this as a thing of beauty on canvas. It was definitely not pretty.

The clouds opened up shortly after the maddened sky made its appearance and bam it got scary. Windshield wipers were on full blast and visibility was at a minimal. I kept going though — slowly. The stormy weather cleared up thankfully, just in time too as I reached my destination. I was thankful I survived it.

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