50 Degrees of Canadian Heat

Today was a balmy 50 degrees celsius in Toronto and boy am I not loving it. Stepping outside today was like stepping off a plane into the tropics. I know because I have done this a few times. The heat literally slapped me in the face. The good news is that today was the hottest and things will cool down a bit tomorrow ( still in the 30’s  mind you).I heard somewhere that if you sleep on an inexpensive bamboo mat, it cools the body.

It is days like today that I wish there was a pool nearby that was not filled to capacity. I was seriously considering turning on the sprinkler and running through the mist of water to ease my suffering. I did manage to water the plants nice and early before the sun hit them. The pumpkin seeds from last century have sprouted into promising vines of lush grand leaves. The radishes shrivelled up long ago but the tomatoes look really promising  and very tempting.



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