Networking 101

There is an art to networking it seems. Walking into a room of strangers can be very intimidating. Who should you talk to? Apparently if you analyze the group formation, half the problem is solved.

Have you ever noticed that the way people stand in groups can say a lot about how inviting they are? If two people are facing one another as they talk, then chances are they don’t want to be interrupted. However, if two people are standing side by side then you can bud in and start a new conversation. So what if there are 3 people talking? Well if they are standing in a circle that is closed then move on to a throuple that are standing in a V-pattern.

The V is the most inviting of the poses and it can also occur in groups of two people. So the next time you are at a party or a barbecue where you don’t know anybody, scan the room before you attempt an approach. And if everyone is seated … you might have to ask them to stand up.



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