Canada Day at Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre was brimming with activity last weekend. The occassion was Canada Day. While many businesses were closed that day, the Harbourfront was crazy busy. Everything was open down there. Situated in the heart of the tourist district, there were lots of freebies, cooking demonstrations and food samplings. Not to mention there were musical performances and the day was so gorgeous that a stroll along the boardwalk was a must. I think this is the best place to hang out on a summer’s day. Lots of restaurants are nearby or if you want something simple, head over to the food trucks parked along the road where fries and gravy is sure to tempt the biggest skeptic. If you like it simple, there are hotdogs too.

A cooking demo on how to make strawberry, balsamic, marshmallows was enticing. People were squirming in their seats because the scent was so tempting.

Here is the chef with her handy-dandy candy thermometer in the Lakeside Terrace, making sure that the temperature is just right for her strawberry marshmallows.


And here is the finished product. For $2 you could buy a sample too and taste this yummy treat.

Over in the Brigantine Room there was a cake-off. Two sisters worked hard on the finishing touches of their “Leilia Cake” which was named after audience onlooker “Leilia”.

Oh I assure you, everything on that cake was edible. I know because the judges were happily dining on it. The colorful decorations were made from a play-doh looking substance called fondant. It is premade and pastry chefs buy the product because it is time-consuming to make. Lots of rolling and smoothing was involved. Interestingly, you have to use vodka to stick the fondant to the cake. If you use water, it will break down the fondant component (after all that hard work, you wouldn’t want that).

The pictures I snapped of the opposing team didn’t turn out but the effort was more traditional but just as marvellous. After a 2 hour intensive competition, I didn’t stay to the end to find out who the winner was. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the $500 prize money was awarded to the team with a whimsical flare.

Apparently there was cake-sampling after the competition too!!!

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