Festivals Galore …

I can’t believe it. Every weekend, there is another festival in Toronto.  Luminato is winding down this week and boy has it been great. Saw k.d Lang perform yesterday in a free outdoor concert. No where to sit but I managed to score a seat on a stone wall. Ouch. She played a rockabilly version of “Constant Craving” and of course the one she does best “Hallelujah.”

Today there was food sampling for $5 at 1000 Tastes of Toronto. Head ed down to the Ontario College of Art and Design to watch Habit. Live theatre meets reality TV and avant-garde visual arts as a daily drama unfolds. I came just in time to see the end which kind of ruined things. The 90 minute installation recycles with a 5 minute intermission between performances.

Canadian designer Denis Gagnon’s  interpretation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was a bejewelled dress that was beautiful. And then there was Sargasso by architect Philip Beesley which was an extensive feather sculpture/canopy that was suspended from a 30 foot ceiling. So ethereal … so gorgeous.

Tomorrow is another day and the Celebrate Bloor festival will be unveiled and of course they were setting up for the Much Music Video Awards at Queen and John Streets. Lots more happening in the city … my head is spinning.


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