“The Unharvest”

I was really happy with the crops last week. The carrots were green and healthy, the tomato plant started blooming, the leeks were thickening up and the thyme was flourishing. Everything was great until the storm last week. Hail and torrential rain and wind and thunder and lightening … you name it. All I could think about was that the crops were sure to fail.

Miraculously, the plants looked fine but then I noticed there was something wrong with the lettuce. The soil was still damp and it looked like it was wilting. I read about something called “damping off” which occurs in new seedlings that have sprouted for the first time. Essentially, if there is too much moisture, they just decide to check out. It doesn’t help that I had the lettuce in a shady corner either.  So while my lettuce has shrivelled, it is pretty evident that I will have an “unharvest” this season.

Here’s a pic of my lettuce in better times to the left. The lettuce is survived by chives,  celery and mint.

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2 Responses to “The Unharvest”

  1. Steve says:

    That stinks! At least some things survived. Now you have some containers ready to replant 🙂

    I had a similar loss due to excessive rain/ moisture this spring- strawberries. None of my four containers emerged to summer strawberry goodness.

    What are you going to plant next? More summer greens?

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