In and Around the City

There has been a bit of a dry spell and the garden is suffering a little bit but I am not worried. Besides gardening in the summer, I also look forward to attending the various festivals that are happening in the city. A couple of weeks ago I attended Doors Open Toronto — a 2 day extravaganza where architectural marvels are open to the public. You can wander through the City Hall, Osgoode Hall and Canada Life building which provide breathtaking views of the city’s interior. Not only that, in many cases the opportunity to wander through museums for free is an option. The only drawback to the whole event is the fact that there are 100-plus sites to visit in a 48 hour span and there is always a line-up. It is next to impossible to complete the tour in two days but I am slowly crossing off many on my list since I first started attending a couple of years back. I absolutely love the Arts and Letters Club for the interior. It is gorgeous there. On the top floor is the artist studio. I spoke with one of the painters who managed to churn out three oil portraits in about 3 hours. How he did it, I do not know. The membership there is pretty steep but various community events at held at the Club during the year which allows many opportunities for people to get lost in the beautiful architecture. There is rich mahogany-like wood in the main theatre and the ceiling is fabulous. It used to be a hangout for the Group of Seven Artists. Now that is a bit of history right there.

The water treatment plant is on my list for next year’s things to do and see so I can’t wait.

Here’s a pic of the gargoyles at the Old City Hall in Toronto and the Gooderham Flatiron Building (my fave)!!

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