Century-old seeds

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I found some seeds from last century tucked away in the basement. Seriously, they were pumpkin seeds that I saved back in the 90’s and all but forgot they were there until recently. On a whim, I wrapped them in a damp paper towel and encased them inside a foil envelope and waited. About 2 weeks later, I took a peek and saw something sprouting. Lo and behold, this is what they look like now.

I created home-made plant pots from recycled newspaper. They are really easy to make and I found the idea on You Tube. Anyway, I am happy with the results but just now realized that with ten pumpkin plants, I don’t have much space left in the garden for them. I’ve been searching for unique container garden options but don’t see anything that would work just yet so I’m thinking about planting them in the ground next  to the irises. I cleared out a patch already but can’t leave it too long because I have been doing battle with ant hills recently (there are 5 in the backyard and 5 in the front lawn). Yikes! I hear baking soda and cornmeal works pretty well. So back to the pumpkin seeds … I am pleased and can’t wait to get them outside. Stay tuned for further updates on the Century-old seeds that became a plant.

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2 Responses to Century-old seeds

  1. Steve says:

    This year we will be growing pumpkins vertically- up into the canopy of a maple tree. I learned about this at a local speaker’s session hosted by our local master gardener group.

    I’m planning to use a tomato stake to help it get to the branches, then let it do it’s own thing from there.

    I’ll be posting pics later this week.

    Have you given this any consideration?

    • day2011 says:

      Excellent idea. It sounds like a wonderful solution. I have a small fruit tree in the back, so I hope this will work just as well. Thanks for your suggestion! Can’t wait to see your future post on this.

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