Adventures in the Kitchen

I was reading an interesting article the other day by columnist Corey Mintz in the Toronto Star called “Let’s try snout”. The title immediately caught my attention and as I read on I kept asking the question ‘why ?’ Apparently Corey was attempting to cook a pig’s head for the first time — just one of many unusual culinary feats that he attempts on a regular basis. The article is a gross-me-out story that is rife with details of the cleaning, cooking and meat-slicing experience. The image of the grand finale is a turn-off and his culinary description matches this completely, yet his use of carefully-chosen words is enticing –a contradiction I know. The beauty of the story is how Mintz doesn’t mince words but cleverly weaves a tale in which the reader wants to read on despite signs of obvious squeamishness.  For anyone who wants to go vegetarian, but can’t muster the courage, perhaps reading Corey Mintz’s article is just the push you need.

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