And the winner is

This is Canada's fourth election in seven years.

I managed to cast my vote today. I felt I had accomplished a tremendous amount just by marking the “x” on the ballot. Funny how just one vote can make a difference. In a few hours we will know who the next PM of Canada is going to be. To tell you the truth, it didn’t feel like an election was even taking place. So many things seemed to overshadow the event: the royal wedding, the royal wedding and the royal wedding.

But there have been many surprises in the polls and what is even more surprising are the lengths to which some will go to thwart an election. Namely slashing tires and keying cars not to mention calling would-be voters and sending them to the wrong polling stations. Will there be a majority government this time? Who knows. In t minus 90 minutes and counting a new winner will be announced and life will resume as normal … until the next election is called that is.

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