A Good Friday for the Earth

Last Friday was Earth Day and I am just now entering my thoughts. I know it is a little late to be reminiscing about what happened almost one week ago, but it was also Easter Friday so I was a little distracted. It was a nice quiet day and I was happy to be able to sit back and relax. It was difficult being religious and concerned about the state of the planet so I pondered what it would be like to be both for the day. I started by consuming some of the Easter bun that I had prepared the night before. Easter breakfast is no real biggy but dinner usually is. After that, I put on my gardening clothes and did a bit of cleaning up in the yard. I raked up last year’s mess of leaves and twigs and stared with amazement at the semi weed-riddled grass that was the lawn. There were a few brown patches but all in all it was okay. Much better to see green-brown than full-on crunchy white snow. The day was dull so I wasn’t feeling the nature love. This Earth Day, Mother Nature seemed a little grumpy. All in all, the day was peaceful and upon reflection, I am happy about the small part that I have played in the way of contributing to improving this planet by cleaning up the lawn without resorting to a bottle of toxic weed killer.

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