I’m Starting Over

Starting from today, I am starting over. Let’s start with a new outlook on life and counting my blessings. I was a little bummed yesterday when I didn’t hear back from someone regarding a project. While wallowing in self-pity at my empty email inbox, I flipped on the news. I received a couple of whacks of what I call “wake up call” followed by a few more slaps of “reality check.” Somehow watching the daily news is good for that — putting things into proper perspective. Life is never as hard as you think it is until you hear about how someone else has suffered far worse than you. Apparently an innocent bystander stepped in during a fight over the weekend and as a result, he was killed. His name was Kearn Nedd–an up-and-coming mixed martial arts fighter who was an all-around nice guy who everyone loved. I was saddened by the whole thing and wondered what this city has come to. I guess it is the norm which began a few years back with what was dubbed “The Summer of the Gun.” Young black males were picking each other off in a senseless rash of violence. It seems that every weekend there is some “incident” and it just seems to be getting worse before  it can get better. So what can you do? Count your blessings. I keep telling myself “Be thankful everyday for what you have and not peeved just because you didn’t get a notice indicating that you have unread mail.”

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