My Toronto

While reading a past issue of the Toronto Star, I came across an article called ‘My Toronto’. In it, 9 prominent Torontonians were asked what their favorite haunt in the city happened to be. Some revealed their favourite restaurant while others revealed their favorite store.

Gary Beals (Canadian Idol finalist) chose Aris Place, a Greek restaurant located in Roncesvalles. Host of Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker chose Kensington Market for its vintage shops and Spacing Magazine publisher Matt Blackett names the St. Clair streetcars as his favorite thing in the city.

I don’t have a specific favourite part of the city… it is more of a favourite time of the year in the city. Definitely in the summer when my feet are not freezing. There was a place in Kensington Market that I used to go to buy bulk food with my Mom. The store was ridiculously tidy and there was a bit of history associated with the place. Passed down from a father to his 3 sons, the store was immaculate, well-stocked and the owners were efficient and obviously took pride in what they were doing. It represented more than a business, it was a legacy. The last time I shopped there, which was about 10 years ago, the legacy had continued as I noticed the sons of the sons working in there. They lacked the same enthusiasm but history was literally unfolding before my eyes which was nice to see. I remember nicknaming the owners of that store the Spice Boys because they had every hard to find spice imaginable in that place. I wonder what they are doing now and even if they are still in the business. Somehow, even if the grandchildren didn’t want to continue with the business, I am sure a granddaughter would — if so, I could call them the Spice Girls.

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