Important Things

Important Things with Demetri Martin is a wonderful take on sketch comedy. It is fresh and funny and edgy and unusual. Last night Demetri did a sketch about loan shark cyclists which was utterly ridiculous and side-splittingly funny. But this isn’t real comedy. It is more of a philosophical approach to life and when he puts this spin on the ordinary it seems so much more than what it is. It is hard to explain … it’s one of those “you have to see it” phenomenons. It airs on Comdey Central and CTV reruns the program on Sundays. Sadly, I think I am going to have to enjoy it while I can because I think the show ran for just one year –a pity really. This is a show that should have a longer run I think. Much funnier than SNL which I can’t bring myself to watch since they did a really embarrassing show that grew increasingly worse as the minutes went by. I can’t nor do I want to remember what was going on in the name of being “funny”. What people will do in order to elicit a laugh from audiences is incredible. On second thought, shows that go on too long just lose their appeal and after a while, shows become “unfunny”. The Simpsons I think has its funny moments but I just can’t bring myself to watch 30 minutes of it on a weekly basis. The Gary Shandling Show is the exception to this though. Personally, I could have continued watching for another 5 years.

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