Spring Has Sprung

Spring hasn’t completely sprung but it is very close to it. The birds are already chirping — in fact a robin hopped along about a week ago. I can see 3 lone yellow flower buds in my garden and all of the snow has finally melted. Why is it that I feel so renewed (along with many others) when winter finally comes to an end? It probably represents summer fun in all of its splendid forms: BBQs, pool parties, camping, hanging out in the beach, outdoor concerts … it is a natural release. While there are many people who literally suffer from the lack of the presence of sun (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during winter’s cold long months, there are others who just can’t wait to unwind, relax and get outdoors. What marks the beginning of summer for me is Victoria Day Weekend when I can start digging around in the dirt and planting my small garden. For others it is that stroll in the park and then there are the avid runners and rollerbladers who take full advantage of iceless sidewalks and roads to burn calories. There also happens to be so much more to do in the summer with the numerous amounts of festivals taking place in the city. The TD Toronto Jazz Festival is an absolute must for music lovers and what I like about the event is that some events are free. This year, many events will be held at the Metro Hall unlike the City Hall where it was held for many years.  Last year I tried desperately to get tickets to see Harry Connick Jr. but I just couldn’t. I have my sights on Molly Johnson this year and of course Aretha Franklin will be performing for free (or so I heard). A few years back, Franklin performed for free on Bloor Street. I was there and she gave a wonderful performance. It was cold that night but it didn’t bother me one bit. I have heard that the Montreal Jazz Festival is even better … it would be a nice change — one day. Another event which I would love to attend is the car race  … I’m so tempted to write Indy but somehow that doesn’t seem like the right name. Well it will be a busy summer and with lots to see and do in the city I will pretty busy.

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