Spelling Bee vs. the Junos

The Juno Awards was held on Sunday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The red carpet was out as were hundreds of screaming fans. I had planned to check out the National Spelling Bee Championship which was being taped live at the CBC studio. In a way I’m glad I didn’t head down there, the subway would have been crazy. I did check out the first half of the awards on Sunday and was surprised to see bearded Drake standing with his youthful young-enough-to-be-by-sister-looking mom. He was hosting and did a wonderful job in my opinion. Not only does he rap, he can hold a tune and act as well (a true triple threat). He was a seasoned pro with an element of maturity that I think was lacking during the Oscar presentation. How on earth did the Junos manage to snag Drake, the youngest host ever, to emcee the event? I suppose it is because he still maintains strong ties with Toronto and he grew up (literally) on the set of Degrassi The Next Generation. The ubiquitous Drake is everywhere in the city and I have spotted him twice — once before he was Drake and another time at the height of his fame strolling in the Distillery District. I was a bit surprised that as the host, he didn’t pick up any of the five awards that he had been nominated for. As usual, Arcade Fire was the dominant winner, but if there was a category for ‘Best Performance By An Ex Degrassi Kid Who Reinvented Himself By Creating A Mix Tape That Led To His Major Recording Deal’, Drake would certainly get the nod.

File:Drake Bluesfest.jpg

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