Fashion Week -Free

The Toronto Fashion Week has begun here in Toronto and it is a hot ticket event. I tell you, last year when I tried to secure a media pass, I was shut out like a bad cold. Never one to be a Debbie Downer, I still picture myself there among the likes of famous kid blogger Tavi Gevinson, fashion reporter icon Jeanne Beker and designing duo Greta Constantine. If I was there I would see ultra cool designers gleefully popping out from behind curtains, waving to the crowd at the conclusion of the show. There would be super thin chicks walking down a super thin runway in super high heels fighting to keep their balance.

Personally, my favorite avant-garde designer has always been Issey Miyake whose minimalist etheral approach to fashion makes a statement and opens the way for dialogue. In my attempt to embrace his genius, I have been prone to making his designs with the handy dandy help of Vogue Patterns. His patterns are always of the advanced variety but it is always worth the challenge — the blood, sweat and tears. The most daring item of clothing that I made was a leather jacket for my sister’s birthday. That was a tricky one. No pinning, because pins punch unwanted unsightly holes in the leather that are reversible. Instead, I had to resort to using tape. I had to use chalk to mark notches and sewing symbols, I had to buy a special presser foot and thread especially for leather. After the process I had a new-found appreciation for designers. They really have to learn their craft and understand the theme of their collection, the appropriate fabric which they will be using in order to achieve the right draping or non-draping effect. 

So while tickets for Fashion Week can go for as much as $600 a pop, I can rest assured that by walking along Yorkville or driving past the crowded sidewalks of Bay and Bloor, I am afforded the opportunity of watching the most eclectic fashion show in the city for free.

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