On this day, March 26th. 2011, I celebrate. This is a day like no other — where at 8:30 p.m. the day ends in magic. At precisely 8:30 p.m. I will do what I haven’t done in years — I will turn off every light and unplug every non-essential appliance in honor of Earth Hour. It is a seismic move that will be felt around the globe as thousands make a move toward solidarity and flip their switches. I tried this last year but somehow I just couldn’t find the time nor the imagination for things that I could safely perform in the dark. I can’t play the dust covered guitar that sits in the dark because frankly, I can’t play even when the lights are on. I can’t enjoy the tunes of JAZZ FM 91 because the soothing sounds emanate from a big old eighties boom box that eats electricity like a hungry lion. I won’t be telling ghost stories because I still wonder what lurks in the dark. No, I will just sit back and take a snooze, I suppose, and silently whisper to myself “Let There Be Light.” Earth Hour does have its merits in that it brings people together and brings out the creativity in all of us. I have read some very interesting ways in which people plan to celebrate the infamous 60 minutes of darkness. No-cook meals like Gazpacho and tossed salads with unique ingredients (the more exotic the better) are number one on many a dinner menu list. Strolling the streets of downtown Toronto also seems like a viable option to experience the moment. Groups devoted to energy conservation will be holding celebrations I imagine as well as those who speculate just how much money they are saving by taking on this exercise in frugality. Star-gazing is perhaps one of the best options because unlike everything else, you don’t need light. The only thing is, I don’t own a telescope.

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